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(In reply to alexxcons from comment #12)
> One possibility would be to add "Thunar"/"Nautilus" to the name of the file
> ... but that seems to be no good solution, and is not recommended by
> freedesktop either:
> From
> > If a particular service is found in more than one <servicedir>, the first 
> > directory listed in the configuration file takes precedence.
> > If two service files providing the same well-known bus name are found in 
> > the same directory, it is arbitrary which one will be chosen
> > (this can only happen if at least one of the service files does not have 
> > the recommended name, which is its well-known bus name
> > followed by ".service").
> So in this case, it would be arbitrary which filemanager is called .. not
> very nice.
> What about just overwriting the file and dont remove it after package
> uninstall ( ok, this is bad if the filemanager got uninstalled )
> Or the other way around : Dont overwrite, remove on package uninstall  (
> could lead to the question "why is this filemanager used, and not that?" )
> The cleanest solution comming to my mind would be, to provide one dbus-1
> <servicedir> per filemanager(package) installation. So the first directory
> listed in the configuration file would win.
> I am not a packager .. this dbus problem smells like it already must have
> been solved in some way. Thunar probably is not the first package which
> provides some dbus service which is provided by multiple packages. How it is
> done for other dbus services which are provided by multiple packages ?

Dolphin uses /usr/share/dbus-1/services / org.kde.dolphin.File Manager

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