--- Comment #3 from Igor Kushnir <> ---
I have done some more testing and think that this issue is probably caused by
xfsettingsd or libxfce4ui. I don't think that GDK should be blamed. Turns out
that GTK applications (such as gnome-system-monitor and gtk3-demo) don't
receive any keys-changed signals in KDE Plasma 5 session when I disconnect and
connect a USB keyboard. My simple Test_xfce_shortcuts_grabber_new application
( creates XfceShortcutsGrabber
with xfce_shortcuts_grabber_new(), but does not receive these signals in the
KDE session either. However when I launch xfsettingsd in the KDE session, all
of the aforementioned applications (including xfsettingsd itself) start
receiving hundreds of keys-changed signals upon keyboard reconnection.

I can't figure out how xfsettingsd causes all GTK applications to receive
hundreds of these signals. Unless someone can help me debug this, I'll resort
to implementing the 5s-timer workaround from the penultimate paragraph in the
issue description.

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