> I had a similar problem as it seems. On my Keyboard the num block was working 
> correct (without the ENTER key) but nothing else. After stopping X I got the 
> follwoing messages:
> expected keysym, got XF86_Switch_VT_1: line 8 of xfree86
> expected keysym, got XF86_Switch_VT_2: line 11 of xfree86
> expected keysym, got XF86_Switch_VT_3: line 14 of xfree86
> expected keysym, got XF86_Switch_VT_4: line 17 of xfree86
It means the keyboard module doesn't recognize those keysyms (XF86_*).
All of them should be defined in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XKeysymDB file.
Thus this file was not upgraded at the XFree installation or is absent.

If you can't find this file in your sources (or those keysyms are absent there)
you can get the latest version of the file from

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