On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, Murugan, Muthulakshmi wrote:
On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, Murugan, Muthulakshmi wrote:
I run an X Window application using XFree86 in multiwindow mode. I open
a panel(say A), open one more panel(say B) without closing A and then I
try to open panel A again using hot key functionality we invoked or by
directly clicking (using mouse)on the appropriate menu created for this.
I observe that the panel A is not pushed to the top. But when I do the
same sequence of operations using XFree86 in single window mode(with
default window manager and twm window manager as well), the panel A is
pushed to the top when I try to reopen it.
Hence when we use XFree86 with native Window Manager, the above problem
Can anyone help in this issue?

What do you mean by "multiwindow mode"?  Multi-monitor?  If so, do you see
this behaviour with XINERAMA (aka PanoramiX) enabled (default), or disabled?

"multiwindow" is basically an option while starting the Xserver which
will start an integrated Windows based Window Manager.
It is used in the following way in the command for starting the Xserver.
run XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error

So, you're running on Cygwin. I can't help you there. Maybe someone else will pipe in.


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