Simply write a filter script or program, and register it in XMail,
see filters in the doc; or consult a programmer to do it for you.

Gary Bainbridge wrote, On 2011-12-20 17:01:
My ISP has changed its spam detection policy, such that instead of
diverting incoming spam to a different mailbox, it now simply adds the
word 'SPAM:' to the header.

At present I can filter on this basis within my email client, but for
various reasons it would be better to do this within Xmail.

Is there any way within Xmail to detect this addition to the subject line
and use it to divert the email to a 'spam bucket' address.

I can't see any reference to the subject line within the Xmail

It's worth mentioning that I have Xmail running on an ARM based server so
I can't make use of any external x86 programs.

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