Hello, I would like to know what I can do about that problem?

My XMail server is hitting 100% CPU usage (and stops receiving mails, pop3,
etc) when a PHP script (phpmailer) is using it as a SMTP server to send
mails. This is not mass mailing but only many people registering on a
website at the same time. (like 500 people within 15 minutes).

I have tried disabling ALL filters at all levels without any success. I have
tried debug mode but I don’t see anything suspicious except that it will
stop receiving and sending when going 100%.

Here is my commandline options:

XMAIL_CMD_LINE="-Y- -F- -Pl -Ph -PX 256 -Sl -SX 256 -Fl -Cl -Ll -Ln 64 -Yl
-Ql -Qg -Qn 128 -SI x.x.x.x:25 -SI x.x.x.x:2525 -SI x.x.x.x:2255 -SI
x.x.x.x:15582 –Sl y.y.y.y:25 -SI y.y.y.y:2525"

I have tried messing with threads number and using default value with no

I am running FreeBSD-7.0 x64 on a dualcore xeon CPU.

If anyone can provide some help / tips I would appreciate.


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