Francesco, even using SmartDNSHost will this error be returned?

ps: Could I try to send a message to first.last@... ?


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Hi all,

I don't think that XMail is still being developed and maintained.

But, just in case: a user of mine sent an email to <> (note the trailing question mark).

XMail tried to deliver and failed for the following reason:

ErrCode  = -109
SMTP-Error = "Unable to get UDP DNS response"

Since I don't think the address should have passed the syntax check, I googled a bit and found that the address is RFC5322 compliant ( but contains domain characters that are not allowed by DNS. Section 3.4.1 says that

      Note: A liberal syntax for the domain portion of addr-spec is
      given here.  However, the domain portion contains addressing
      information specified by and used in other protocols (e.g.,
      [RFC1034], [RFC1035], [RFC1123], [RFC5321]).  It is therefore
      incumbent upon implementations to conform to the syntax of
      addresses for the context in which they are used.

So, I think in general XMail should not accept such addresses (and, more generally, the reference for syntax check should be RFC5321 more than RFC5322).

Final note: this may be my last message on the list; my server will close in a few days, and that will be the end of my (very good) experience with XMail. I leave the suggestion to anybody willing to keep XMail alive.

Ciao, Francesco

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