Hello... I have recently performed a new installation of xMail 1.27 onto a 
Windows Server 2008 R2 X64 configuration. 

The Server has two IPs 64.XXX.XXX.230 and 64.XXX.XXX.229. 

I am trying to force xMail to use 64.XXX.XXX.230 for all outbound eMails. 
I've looked an OLD server.tab that I have PLUS I look at the docs several 
times at: 

www.xmailserver.org/Readme.html#server_tab and 

After which I added a line in sever.tab like: 

"SmtpGwConfig" "OutBind="

It appears to NOT be working when I perform a telent test and review the 
received eMail -- its still coming from the default IP 64.XXX.XXX.229.. Do 
I need to add some privledge to the service enable this or am I missing 
something else? The service is running with LSA!

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Hal Dell


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