Hello everyone:

Please skip that last email.

My problem comes down to the aliasadd command only.

I was hoping to use the command for both internal and external forwarding based on wildcards

But it seems that external forwarding is not liked by this command. It keeps spitting out: record no found in TAB file whenever the destination
is routed for an external email address.  The internal ones have no problem.

Anybody know how to route

*.internaldomain.org -> "myu...@externaldomain.org"

Do I have to use EXTALIASES.TAB file to create a mapping between internal and external?



On 4/15/2013 10:37 AM, m...@rpzdesign.com wrote:
How to load up aliases.tab, domains.tab so that all email from a given domain forward to an internal or external email.

Inside domains.tab


Inside aliases.tab

"mydomain.org" [tab] "joe" [tab] "j...@mydomain.org" [enter]
"mydomain.org" [tab] "*" [tab] "j...@externaldomain.com" [enter]
"*" [tab] "postmaster" [tab] "webmas...@specificemail.com" [enter]

What I am getting when email to f...@mydomain.org results in a -550 Mailbox unavailable error, when I want the aliases.tab to pick it up and send it to j...@externaldomain.com.

The same for any "postmaster" emails, I want them sent to webmas...@specificemail.com

Anybody got any ideas?



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