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  Subject: [xmail] a strange issue

  Hello all,

  Long time no write.

  I have an issue with two Xmail installations.
  I suspect that it's not XMail per se, but I need your feedback.

  Two companies with main and branch offices.

  All main offices are connected to branch offices via ipsec and static VPNs.

  I lately upgraded the firewall on the main offices only and it seems, I
  stumbled upon a freak issue.

  Here's the thing; When I try to get main (110) from XMail, the system
  comes back with an error message saying that it cannot get the new

  One installation (company) uses Outlook 2007 Sp3 while the other
  uses Thunderbird v17.0.x (whatever the latest vesion is).
  Both MUAs complain that there's something wrong.

  I do this manually with the help of the command line 
  (telnet mailserver port 110, user such_and_such, pass such_and_such) and
  the system responds ok (such and such messages).

  Outlook spits this error :

  Task "" - receiving reported error (0x8004210A): 'The
  operation times out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server.
  If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator
  or Internet service provider (ISP)'

  Any ideas are more than welcome since this has, now, escalated and
  I am running out of ideas....

  Thank you kindly,


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