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Too bad xmail doesn't have natively spf-support yet, many other mailers do:

Here's a description of my solution of SPF with xmail:

I tried to use the xm-spf.pl, but perl reported some errors about
a missing component or so. Then I found a package named "spfquery"
in the Debian repository, it's an executable (or maybe just a perl script?).
So I managed to write a small filter programm (for filters.pre-data.tab) in 
and from within that I'm calling the spfquery program with the right parameters.
This works well. I can recommend it.
It needs just 3 parameters (all supplied by xmail to the filter), like so:
   spfquery --ip=x.x.x.x --mfrom=u...@example.com --helo=hostname.com
and returns a few lines where the first is the status, like "pass", "fail", 
"softfail" etc.
For more info one should consult the man page of spfquery.
But: one has to do some reformatting of the params, for example stripping off
the braces from the ip "[x.x.x.x]"

And here is an spf tester:

Hope this info helps others wanting to add SPF-protection to their xmail server.

But beware: this stuff is IMHO very advanced stuff, one needs some experience
with DNS records, and some experience in writing a filter, ie. programming.
So, my advice: if possible just hire someone who already has experience in this 
stuff and xmail.


Edinilson - ATINET wrote, On 05/21/2013 09:26 PM:
> Below a message from Davide about SPF:
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> On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Ralf wrote:
>> I'm trying to switch from qmail to xmail.
>> There I had SPF activated and would like to use SPF also in xmail.
>> I saw that there is a perl script for SPF
>> (http://www.xmailserver.org/xm-spf.pl),
>> but how do I integrate it into xmail?
> Suggestion. Leave SPF alone. Nobody is using it and its contribution on 
> SPAM-cutting on my servers was totally
> irrelevant WRT greylisting and RBLs.
> The whole SPF project tanked, badly.
> - Davide
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> Subject: [xmail] SPF update?
>> Hi Davide & All,
>> just a question: does the SPF script (xm-spf.pl) cover the
>> final SPFv1 specification (RFC 4408) as depicted here:
>>  http://www.openspf.org/Specifications
>> The script is from the year 2004, but the above RFC was ratified in 2006.
>> Can something go wrong when the script is used nowadays?
>> Thx

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Like Davide said, SPF is a failed attempt.
True there is a way to make SPF work.
As far as I know, the admin has to devise a small
script and make sure it is added in the companys
DNSs on the MX record for the server.

Something like this :

"v=spf1 ip4:IP.ADD.RE.SS/32 mx ~all"

However, SPF never actually delivered what it promised.

Just my 2c,


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