There is only one flag value, 16, it's optional and means to stop processing
any further filters in the chain, ie. an early-break signal.

I mainly mean the SMPT message filters.
Are the return values 4, 5, 6 (plus +16 to them) not used with this?
As said, in my installation (original v1.27) only 0, 3, and 0+16=16, 3+16=19 is 

I yesterday tried a filterpgm in, but it never was called,
not even when mail is destined to a remote server.
When does such a filter normally fire?

And: there is in the MailRoot dir also an empty subdirector named "filters". 
What is it for?


Edinilson - ATINET wrote, On 05/24/2013 02:35 PM:
Which kind of filter are you asking:

Remember that yout must ADD some flags values.
There are some examples in readme.txt

Here I have a filter that add 4 + 16 and returns this value. It´s working fine 
for years.


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The xmail documentation says:
 If this filters returns '4, 5 or 6' the message is rejected and is
 stopped in its travel. If the filter modifies the message it must return '7'.

But, this info seems to be totally wrong, as only 0 and 3 is working
(plus adding 16 to it for stopping processing other filters).

What happened to xmail?

Anybody know if modifying the mail within a filter is (still) possible in v1.27 

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