Try to disable SMTP-RDNSCheck and use a SmartDNSHost pointing to some server inside your lan.


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Thank you, but I wonder why my case mail not go through or it take a time?
I wait more than 5 minutes but no luck.

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A long time ago Davide answer this question. See below:
On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Camacho, Christian wrote:

I have some questions about CustMapsList:

What happen if the maps-root can't be contacted; the map-root server is busy
or it's name is type mismatched?

the mail go through

Is it possible to see the log of the query to the maps-root?
no log, otherwise it would be too easy to use XMail :-)

How may I inform back to the user that it's mail server is in a "black list"
and cannot relay to our server?, some postmaster explanation?
blacklisting is a pre-enter filter, messages of listed IP will never go
inside XMail ( if you set the rule to 1 ).

- Davide

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