I found the bug on XMAIL 1.27 with SSL (POP3S is main), SSMTP service maybe has a same bug too
1. it will have too many FIN_WAIT_2 on POP3S with two many requests, It is because of some non-popular WINDOWS CLIENT e.g. tencent foxmail , outlook will not have this issue.
2. If you're using XMAIL'S internal SSL POP3S with any openssl lib. (tested 0.9.8za 1.0.0, tested gcc 4.0.2/4.0.4/4.3.6) and the email account contain too many emails (1000-2000 emails), the mobile client POP3 such as Samsung internal Email Client is using SSL, K9-MAIL on any android devices using SSL, some iPhone devices (connect with XMAIL SSL port 995), will not download them successfully (Android Error - Java Exception Error) and some iPhone device will stuck with it, it will not download all emails successfully. But if you disable XMAIL'S internal POP3S with -B- startup option, and switch stunnel 5.17 port 995 tunnel to port 110, it will solve this problem and kick out FIN_WAIT_2
***** stunnel 5.17 config *****
accept  = 995
connect = 110
cert = /etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem

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