Bart Mortelmans via xmail wrote on 05/26/2015 03:55 PM:
It might be difficult to determine if the problem is with XMail or with the
client. And even if for example Tencent actually closes the connection
incorrectly, it should be better if XMail would be able to handle such an
improperly closed connection.
But I'm not sure if you'll find somebody in this forum that will be able to
fix this problem. Maybe you could try to get K9 developers involved in this?
That seems to be managed much more actively than XMail. With a bit of luck,
they can at least find out what they are doing differently compared to for
example Outlook and that could cause this problem.

Regarding FIN_WAIT2:
I suspect it is caused by a firewall issue where some FIN's or ACK's
are blocked or wrongly filtered out, or the client side doesn't properly
close the socket, or some of the sockets it allocates.
One really cannot trust any interpreted scripting language many mobiles do use.
Using iptables one can diagnose this by logging the FIN's, ACK's.


Oversea Site via xmail schreef op 26/05/15 om 15:09:
Now I am using original XMAIL-1.27.tar.gz source without simultaneous POP3
logins, no STUNNEL, use NATIVE XMAIL SSL. The problem still exists, K9-MAIL
will report IllegalFormatConversonException when I receive more then 100-200
emails. So It should be XMAIL SSL problem. Because When I reuse STUNNEL to
do a POP3 tunnel again, the problem will fix.

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