I use XMail in some customers servers and they have big mailboxes, but
don't have such problem.
What XMail version are you using? What OS and filesystem type?
I use XMail 1.27 on Slackware 13.37 64bits with reiserfs.
How maildir works with a file per message, reiserfs is very nice to handle
large number of files.

2015-10-18 15:33 GMT-02:00 Akash via xmail <xmail@xmailserver.org>:

> Hi,
> There seems to be a problem in the way XMail checks for quotas on every
> RCPT command. I have a large Maildir with around 500000 emails and I
> noticed that every time XMail receives a email, the CPU spikes to 100% for
> few seconds before responding to the RCPT. On debugging I found that it
> actually calculates directory size for every RCPT command.
> And there is just no way to bypass this. I tried removing MaxMBSize from
> user.tab, setting it to 0, setting it to empty "" but nada. I checked the
> source and it seems UPopGetMailboxSize() is called before "MaxMBSize" value
> is evaluated.
> In order to tackle this I am at present using a dummy front account which
> has "redirect" in its mailproc.tab to redirect mails to the actual large
> email account. This way the directory size of only dummy account is
> calculated by XMail which is almost instant and doesn't cause any CPU spike.
> Shouldn't this behavior be rectified?
> -Akash
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