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I have a problem validating a xml generated from a schema which contains an element having <xs:any namespace="##other" />. When I try to include a element from another schema I get an error

"No matching global element declaration available but demanded by the strict wildcard"

This is a limitation of libxml. You must have all declarations from all schemas in one file. So if your xml file uses 6 schemas in order to validate them in libxml you must create new schema that includes all 6 separate schemas and than use that xsd for validation. Something like this:

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<xs:schema xmlns    ="http://dummy.libxml2.validator";
   targetNamespace ="http://dummy.libxml2.validator";
   xmlns:xs        ="";
   xmlns:xsi       ="";
   xmlns:<somenamespace>     ="<namespaceurl>"
   xmlns:<somenamespace2>     ="<namespaceurl2>"
   xmlns:<somenamespace3>     ="<namespaceurl3>"

   elementFormDefault  ="qualified"
attributeFormDefault="unqualified" > <xs:import namespace ="<namespaceurl>" schemaLocation = "<schema location>" /> <xs:import namespace ="<namespaceurl2>" schemaLocation = "<schema location2>" /> <xs:import namespace ="<namespaceurl3>" schemaLocation = "<schema location3>" />


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