im very new to xmllib, utf8 in C.
im writing a program that will read and write a xml formated config file for
other app.
im my application, i use char * all over the place, except on the functions
that read from a xmlreader, since the return value of this functions is

now, if the library has this special type, its because is needed. is just
that i dont get it.

some people at ##C in freenode told me to read about iconv, but it got me
more confused ....

so i ask here. should i use xmlChar all arround my app?
should i use a "convert" function? then how is it called?

if you really want to look at it, im hosting my little project it in github


warning, the code is ugly as hell, im not only new to xml, but pretty much
to C
any help on the matter will be greatly apreciated
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