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> Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
>> On 05/11/09 12:50, Martin Schlemmer wrote:
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>> 3. You may alter the output files on Windows, such as naming them
>> differently (when I last tried, MSYS+MinGW produced a libxml2-2.dll, not
>> the hoped for libxml2.dll). This is okay. As an orientation: If some
>> greedy corporation must recompile all their Windows software for the new
>> libxml2 release, that I don't care about. But if Tor Lillqvist can use
>> the thing for his GTK and GIMP work without having to tweak it and thus
>> be able to spend more time with his children, I am all in :)
> if we use libtool flag -avoid-version the dll will be created without
> version number in name. I propose a patch t
> This year issue with patch (use more compatible autotools based build
> system for windows hosts) is closed with resolution "Not GNOME" (!).

I would suggest splitting the patch into different ones that only handle one 
at a time, and then sending them here to be reviewed.  Hopefully this is the 
method for libxml.

I can however point out that at least the $(EXEEXT) bits might be bogus, as it 
seem to only affect things if cross-compiled to win32 on a non-win32 host.  
Here on
a Windows host with MSYS it works fine, as the convenience wrappers have a .exe
extension.  So it might rather be a libtool issue when cross-compiling, 
although I
do not have that much experience in this field.


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