On 20/03/2018 14:14, gilles.que...@sputnick.fr wrote:
I post many snippets with xmllint on stackoverflow and unix.stackexchange.com, but many times I'm stuck with this nice tool when it comes to retrieve N > 1 text node, because the output is not newline delimited (unlike xmlstarlet).

It's not clear what exactly you're talking about, but I guess this is about the `--xpath` option and the bug you already posted:


I agree that printing text nodes without a separator is rather useless and I always found it annoying that the output isn't terminated with a newline at all. In this case, I'm not too concerned about backward compatibility and I'd simply change the `--xpath` output to always print a newline after each node, text or not. But maybe other people want to weigh in.

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