On 05/17/2018 04:18 PM, Nick Wellnhofer wrote:
> On 16/05/2018 21:51, Stefan Sauer wrote:
>> So one solution could be another flag to enable this?
> Yes, but it would be rather ugly.
>> Thanks, reading the code. Need to figure where we could cache external
>> subsets and what a suitable keys is (ExternalID ?).
> Note that I'm currently not planning to review and integrate larger
> patches from other developers. I only took over some libxml2
> maintenance duties because noone else did. So even if you write a
> high-quality patch, it might never get merged.
> Caching external subsets for XIncludes certainly sounds like a nice
> feature but I would prefer to find a simpler solution. For example,
> can't you just omit the external DTD from included documents?
I've tried this and I get some interesting differences. If I modify my
DOCTYPES declarations from e.g.:
<!DOCTYPE refentry PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.3//EN"
  <!ENTITY % local.common.attrib "xmlns:xi  CDATA  #FIXED
  <!ENTITY % gtkdocentities SYSTEM "../xml/gtkdocentities.ent">


<!DOCTYPE refentry [
  <!ENTITY % local.common.attrib "xmlns:xi  CDATA  #FIXED
  <!ENTITY % gtkdocentities SYSTEM "../xml/gtkdocentities.ent">

and run (for each of the variants)
xmllint --noent --xinclude tester-docs.xml >tester-docs.nodtd.xml
then I get a lot of delta in this form:
-    <indexdiv xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2003/XInclude";
id="api-index-0.1" xml:base="xml/api-index-0.1.xml">
+    <indexdiv id="api-index-0.1" xml:base="xml/api-index-0.1.xml">

basically if there is no DTD on the doctype, the resulting xi:include
nodes won't have the xmlns:xi attribute.

What is worse and puzzling me that it causes a small difference on the
html output produced my xsltproc:
-<a class="link" href="tester-GtkDocTestIf.html#FOO:CAPS"
title="FOO">FOO</a>, macro in <a class="link"
href="tester-GtkDocTestIf.html" title="GtkDocTestIf">GtkDocTestIf</a>
+<a href="tester-GtkDocTestIf.html#FOO:CAPS">FOO</a>, macro in GtkDocTestIf

if I drop the dtd, the first link misses 'class' and 'title' attributes
and the 2nd link is not linked at all.


> You wrote:
>> and gtk-doc will replicate this for the fragments (replacing 'book' with
>> e.g. 'refentry'). This way one can e.g. inject things like a version.
> What do you mean by "inject things like a version"? Why exactly do
> your included documents have to reference an external DTD?
> Another idea is to stop loading external DTDs for XIncludes without an
> XPointer expression. This would still change the behavior for some
> users but it's much less likely to cause problems.
> Nick

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