I've started using xmlSchemaSAXPlug and noticed that my charactersSAXFunc 
callback is no more called for CDATA content.

The parser does the following fall back:
if (ctxt->sax->cdataBlock != NULL)
ctxt->input->cur, base);
else if (ctxt->sax->characters != NULL)
ctxt->input->cur, base);

the "plugged" cdataBlockSplit does not the same fall back, means my characters 
call back is not called anymore when I use the SAXplug

static void
cdataBlockSplit(void *ctx, const xmlChar *value, int len)
    xmlSchemaSAXPlugPtr ctxt = (xmlSchemaSAXPlugPtr) ctx;
    if (ctxt == NULL)
    if ((ctxt->user_sax != NULL) &&
        (ctxt->user_sax->cdataBlock != NULL))
                ctxt->user_sax->cdataBlock(ctxt->user_data, value, len);
    if (ctxt->ctxt != NULL)
                xmlSchemaSAXHandleCDataSection(ctxt->ctxt, value, len);

I've fixed it in my code now by settings the same function to cdataBlockSAXFunc 
as for charactersSAXFunc.

My main concern would be, are there any other call backs where similar fall 
backs are applied and may be impacted by the SAXplug?
Should this be fixed in libxml to do the same fall back in cdataBlockSplit?


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