Nikolai Weibull schrieb am 24.11.18 um 00:12:
> Yes, it seems that my patch for data in interleaves was added and this may
> be the cause of these issues.  The regression tests didn’t display them, so
> this is something different.  Could we perhaps get a minimal test that breaks?

Here is what I could come up with so far. Since it's heavily stripped down,
it probably isn't very reasonable anymore. The original schema is here:

If any of the "interleave" tags is removed or otherwise modified (as far as
I tried), it either validates (i.e. stops failing) or fails with a
different error than the one I was chasing. The validation succeeds in
xmllint 2.9.4 (and probably later versions), and fails in 2.9.9-rc1.

Does this help?


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Description: XML document

<schema xmlns="";>
    <title>Open Model</title>
    <rule context="AAA">
        <assert test="BBB"> BBB element is not present</assert>
        <assert test="CCC"> CCC element is not present</assert>
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