On 09/16/2016 12:33 PM, Grundtvig Nielsen Niels wrote:
I'm puzzled and confused ... I checked all your recent e-mails, yet once again 
I've ended up with content that's flagged on screen and not in the .pdf
It's very important for me to use the <status> attribute be able to track 
changes, as you understand, and I can't see why something I had working on day one 
doesn't deliver the same results on day two!

Your most recent tip, which seemed to solve the problem, was

I would say that you have associated a ".profiles" file to your topic but you 
forgot to select one of the profiles of this set.

To which I replied, after checking

You're absolutely right ... I shall write myself some extra notes.

Here's an overview of today's situation and how I got there:

1. open .ditamap
2. select Map > Conditional processing > Select profile
3. in dialogue, select Conditional processing profiles; browse to and select 
.profiles file; select specific profile from dropdown
4. open .dita file from .ditamap and edit using <status> attribute on elements such as 
<p> and <ph>
   result: content formatted correctly on screen, as defined in .profiles file
   see screenshot showChanges_profile.png
5. select Map > Convert document > Convert to .pdf
   result: all content output without formatting
   see screenshot showChanges_output.png

So what have I managed to get wrong this time?

--> I'm sorry but we cannot spend more time helping you with this.

After all the problems you had, the best is probably to give up the idea of using the "Easy profiling" add-on. From now, you should stick to plain DITAVAL files.

To help you decide to give up the idea of using the "Easy profiling" add-on, may be we, XMLmind, will abandon the "Easy profiling" add-on in the future as this add-on seems to be unusable without a lot of support.

--> Needless to say that I cannot reproduce this problem you describe using XXE V7.1, <XXE_install_dir>/demo/dita-sample.ditamap and <XXE_install_dir>/demo/dita-sample/status.profiles.

The only ideas which come to my mind are:

1) This works in v7.1 and not in the older version you are currently using.


2) You have copied changeTracking.profiles from one place to spica/ and forgot to also copy the automatically generated .ditaval files which were found in changeTracking_files/

You can recreate these "automatic" .ditaval files at any time by opening changeTracking.profiles and using "File|Save" or "File|Save As".

However, it's probably not (2) because in this case, XXE reports a lot of errors and the document conversion fails.

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