Kazuko O. wrote:
4) First try: in the "Font and Colors" dialog box, select item [14],
uncheck "Bold", click check icon ("Apply") then click "Close". See
attached try1.png.

I did the above first try, and then the issue was fixed and I could get the
appropriate source view (see attached file).
Even without replacing the jar file,

Yes, that's right.

Note that in v7.2, we'll keep the new feature implemented in the patched edit_source_text_docformat.jar we sent you:

It's now possible to choose a font family other than "Monospaced" for the XML source view. This is done using the "Tree view fonts and colors" dialog box.

it seems the view is displayed correctly by making the font normal.
I will use the above workaround to display the source view correctly in the 


Note that the workaround may be implemented automatically by forcing user preference treeViewFontsAndColors. This is done by starting XXE this way (everything on 1 line):

xxe -putpref treeViewFontsAndColors "SansSerif;SansSerif;Monospaced;ffffff;e0f0f0;808080;8b008b;008b8b;00008b;000000;8b1c62;006400;f0f0f0;ffe0e0;e0ffe0"

See -putpref in http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/_distrib/doc/help/command_line_usage.html

See treeViewFontsAndColors in http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/_distrib/doc/help/preferenceKeys.html

I appreciate your cooperation and I expect the issue will be completely fixed
in the future version.

I'm really sorry but we don't see how to completely fix this issue as we don't have a way to reproduce the issue here at XMLmind.

I understand very well that this workaround makes both the tree view and source view less readable. Sorry again.

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