Dear M. Shafie,

For a couple of years we have been using our own DocBook customizations, with 
specialized PDF/Webhelp and HTML output styles.  These customization are 
bundled within XXE internally for our users.

For HTML/Webhelp rendering, we would need some extra flexibility: for some 
products/projects, deliver a customized copy of our stock CSS (which is copied 
during the document conversion process).

We are wondering what you be *the simplest way* to provide this feature to our 
users, ideally just a parameter they could set in XXE GUI during documentation 
conversion and holding the name of their customized CSS...  We know of course 
how to do this using a personal XXE customization, but it is not really 
practical here.

Many thanks for your advises.
Best regards,

Philippe Nobili
Subsurface Imaging - Product Engineering
Tel: +33 16447 4090 | Mobile: +33 63756 6441

27 avenue Carnot
Massy, 91341 - France<>

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