On 4 Aug 2017, at 17:25, Hussein Shafie wrote:

On 08/04/2017 03:19 PM, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
You said you fixed this last time I reported it.

Definitely not the same issue. You reported an issue about renaming a folder on your Mac:


This issue has indeed been solved.

Sorry for mixing up!

However, this seems not to be the case. Today I, for instance,

 1. Chose a file in Google Drive via the interface of the XXE Google
    Drive plug-in
 2. Chose 'Copy' file.
 3. Pasted the file.

Doing something this on my Linux box using the shell creates a copy of the file and this copy has a new date: the date of the creation of the copy, not the date of the original file.

$ cp foo bar

If I want to avoid this, I've to execute:

$ cp -p foo bar

Therefore this behavior can be considered to be normal. If we change it, other users may complain for the opposite reasons than yours.

Since these commands, in XXE, are keyboard shortcurts, and since I am, by accident, a Mac user, I have different expectations: In the the MacOS Finder you can copy and paste files, via the normal shortcuts for that (same as copy and paste in an editing app). The resulting copy will be a duplicate, also with regard to metadata such a file creation date.

 4. Opened the Web version of Google Drive and located the file I had
 5. Checked the last change date of the file I had pasted.

  * Expected: Old date
  * Instead: THe last change date was set to the moment when I pasted
    the file.

Unless this is a limitation of Google Drive, then this seems like a XXE

*Any* action performed on the Google Drive using XXE seems to modify the date of the accessed files. For example: opening a document without even modifying it. The lock added by XXE to the document changes the date of the file.

This is certainly a problem, but we don't plan to improve this situation in the near future. Sorry for that.


The result, for me, is that, in order to do ”serious stuff” with files, I must use the Google Drive app. That’s OK. Except that I find the Google Drive app extremely slow at syncing thousands of small files. (And the kind of document production that is typically performed with DocBook and DITA tends to cause thousands of small (image) files to be created.)

And that, in turn, means that I can just as well let XXE interface with the local Google Drive folder on my harddisk. And thus, since I need that app, the Google Drive plug in is not all that useful, even for working with Google Drive.

And that - in turn - means that I have moved some XXE related projects to Dropbox and the Dropbox app. “Everyone” says that Dropbox is much faster for smaller files. And, after a few tests, I find that to indeed be the case ...

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