Thank you for such a quick reply.

I had thought the css styling in the profiles editor only affected the editing 
environment.  I had forgotten that this was used together with "flag" to change 
the formatting in the output document.

Now very easy and obvious, sorry for taking up your time.



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On 08/09/2017 03:20 PM, Vic Steadman wrote:
> I apologise for asking a question that I have seen answered before but 
> cannot find.
> I want to sideline paragraphs according to their status (using, for 
> example @otherprops = "status = changed")  I have set up a profile to 
> flag the paragraphs in the output but cannot remember how to set the 
> paragraph style in the output.

Sample ".profiles" file: <XXE_install_dir>/demo/dita-samples/status.profiles

--> Make sure to use "File|Save as" on your local copy to force the
"Easy Profiling" add-on to recreate the corresponding the ".ditaval" 
files in subdirectory "status_files/".


0) Your topic files  are assumed to contain paragraphs having the profiling 
attributes specified in your ".profiles" file. Example: 
attribute "status" for above sample "status.profiles".

1) Associate the ".profiles" file to your DITA map using "Map|Conditional 
Processing|Select Profile"'. Example: above sample "status.profiles".

2) Select a profile found in the ".profiles" file. Example: 
"HighlightStatus" in above sample "status.profiles".

3) Convert your DITA map to PDF for example.


XMLmind XML Editor - Easy Profiling

4.2. Creating a ".profiles" file allowing to flag contents in the deliverables

> I remember having seen a recent discussion about this so would be
> grateful if you could point me to it.


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