Dear Mr. Shafie,

did: we try to embed JQuery locally with our Webhelp products to be able to 
work with the documentation in situations where no Internet connection is 
available. For this, we set  the "wh-local-jquery" parameter before calling XXE 
WebHelp compiler.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to have a very big effect on the result, JQuery 
is grabbed from Google CDN, which does not work for some of our installations. 
A short excerpt from our customized xslMenu.xxe in assembly addon below.

Certainly something stupid that we have missed... as always.
Many thanks for your feedback.

<transform stylesheet="docbook5-config:xsl/webhelp/profile-webhelp.xsl"
                 file="__doc.xml" to="__doc.html">
  <parameter name="wh-local-jquery">yes</parameter>

      <invoke method="com.xmlmind.xmleditext.whc.CompileWebHelp.compile">

Philippe Nobili
Subsurface Imaging - Product Engineering
Tel: +33 16447 4090 | Mobile: +33 63756 6441

27 avenue Carnot
Massy, 91341 - France<>

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