Relating to XXE 8.0 (and perhaps earlier versions as well):

When the (new) Find Element dialog locates an element that matchces the search criteria, the element receives a red outline. This way the users knows that there is a match.

But if an element this way has been matched (and has received the red outline), and you - after that - changes the search criteria and hit “Search” once again, then there is no (visual) signal that shows you that the new criteria works.

How come?

Well, if the new criteria does not match anything, I would expect the red outline to disappear. But that does not happen. Thus, the fact that the red outline remains, does not mean that there is match. In other words: Once there has been a match, the visual feedback is the same whether or not the new criteria matches the same element or not.

Would I would like to suggest is that if the criteria does not match anything, then the red outline is removed. This way the user gets to know that there was no match for the new criteria.

Leif Halvard Silli

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