On 03/13/2018 11:30 AM, Grundtvig Nielsen Niels wrote:

Thanks for the reminder about Map | Check map ... it does not identify any 
missing topics.

Map | Check map does report the following: the file it claims is invalid is not 
involved in the reltable question, validates when opened in XXE and also gives 
the correct output in WebHelp ...

[1] file:/T:/11_Xenturion/userManual/srcToGIT/src/task_sitesFuzzy.dita:23:72:error: The content of 
element type "ul" is incomplete, it must match 
[2] T:\11_Xenturion\userManual\srcToGIT\src\xntHelps.ditamap:314:46: cannot load 
"T:\11_Xenturion\userManual\srcToGIT\src\task_sitesFuzzy.dita" has 1 validation errors [3] Document 
"T:\11_Xenturion\userManual\srcToGIT\src\xntHelps.ditamap" has 2 errors or warnings. Some of them 
are fatal errors.


The above error message is 100% correct.

Your task_sitesFuzzy.dita contains:

<ul conref="site_overview.dita#xnth_94ve27/fuzzySearch"/>

which is INVALID DITA markup.

I then used XXE's "Edit|Reference|Copy As Reference" (Ctrl+Shift-C) and then "Edit|Paste" (Ctrl-V) to overwrite your <ul conref=""/>.

XXE created for me:

<ul conref="site_overview.dita#xnth_94ve27/fuzzySearch">

which is valid DITA markup.

I then got this other "Map|Check map" error:
xntHelps/concept_backupRestore_DP.dita:24:26:error: Attribute value "???" of type NMTOKEN must be a name token.

caused by:

<table conref="concept_parameterConflicts.dita#xtnh_24du17/truthTable">
    <tgroup cols="???">

I fixed this one too by setting cols="1".

Unlike what happened for the above <ul>, doing it by the book, that is using XXE's "Edit|Reference|Copy As Reference" then "Edit|Paste" did not create <tgroup cols="1"> as expected. We'll fix this XXE bug (recently reported by another user) in v8.1.

--> The difference between "Map|Check map" and XXE validation of DITA topics is that:

- "Map|Check map", that is, XMLmind DITA Converter (AKA ditac) validates topics while loading them, that is, before transclusion of conrefs.

- XXE validation engine validates topics after processing conrefs. In other words, XXE validates fully transcluded topics.


I have attached a .zip of the whole fileset; let me know if I've managed to 
miss anything you need, and thanks in advance for helping sort this question out

After fixing the 2 above validation errors, "Map|Check map" reported this other --very useful-- error:

[1] /home/hussein/tmp/xntHelps/xntHelps.ditamap:546:71: cannot load "file:/home/hussein/tmp/xntHelps/concept_Scheduling.dita": /home/hussein/tmp/xntHelps/concept_Scheduling.dita (No such file or directory)

concept_RetryAlgorithm.dita, concept_AgendaPOI.dita, concept_RecurrentScheduling.dita, etc, are missing too.

All I have is concept_retryAlgorithm.dita, concept_agendaPOI.dita, concept_recurrentScheduling.dita, etc, that is, files having similar names but with a different capitalization.

--> This is very easy to spot because the titles of the missing topics do not appear in the styled view of your xntHelps.ditamap map. See attached screenshot.

Once again you cannot have this kind of error if you use XXE to create your maps.

I'm pretty sure that the issue you have comes from missing files like concept_RetryAlgorithm.dita

In the future, please make sure that "Map|Check map" reports no fatal errors before sending support requests to xmleditor-support@xmlmind.com

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