Emre O. wrote:

thanks for your fast response. Now I tried the same with DocBook 5.0
Files and it works/converts to pdf. like a charm.

My main intention is that I have the new task at work to overhaul our
technical documentations.

How we did it until now:

  * Word -> pdf -> chm

XMLmind XML Editor (but not XMLmind DocBook Editor, not XMLmind DITA Editor) Professional Edition includes, at no additional costs, in the form of an add-on, another XMLmind product called:

XMLmind Word To XML

To make it simple, it may be used to automatically convert DOCX to DITA or DOCX to DocBook.

You should take a serious look at:


because this technology could really help you in what you are planning (explained below).

  * No Modules

What I am planning:

  * xml editor in this case xml docbook
  * modularizing the actual technical documentation
  * creating any kind of combination of different xml/pdf from the modules


I have 2 questions to answer and present it in a week to my colleagues:

  * How can I adjust the actual docbook v5.0 stylesheet (company logo,

Sure. This is even an FAQ:
How do I customize the HTML, PDF, RTF, etc, generated using the "Convert Document" menu?

And is it possible to convert it to .pdf without problems?

Yes. In principle, you can convert a DocBook 5 document to PDF with the help of *customized* DocBook XSL stylesheets (and Apache FOP) without any problem.

  * Should I go with Dita or docbook (your personal opinion please)?

Difficult to give you a clear answer.

- I prefer the DocBook vocabulary: "out of the box", well-thought and richer than DITA's.

- DITA modules (called maps and topics) are more mature technology than DocBook v5.1 modules (called assemblies and topics).

Of course, it's always possible to author a large DocBook <book> simply including <chapter>s and <section>s by the means of XInclude.

- I prefer the DITA XSL stylesheets (which are 100% XMLmind's work) because I find them easier to customize without programming.

This being said, all XMLmind products support DITA and DocBook equally well.

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