> I can't seem to get XMMS2 to save a URL for an icecast stream. For
> instance:

Ha, wouldn't you know it, you are getting the same error as me and I
thought it was unrelated.

It's definitely a bug in XMMS2 and the issue is here:

08:54:27 DEBUG: ../src/xmms/xform.c:1164: Plugin 'vorbis' matched (priority 50)
08:54:27 DEBUG: ../src/xmms/xform.c:1032: Seek not implemented in 'curl'
08:54:27 DEBUG: ../src/xmms/xform.c:349: Freeing xform 'vorbis'

The logs show that it is starting to stream the audio just fine, but
then for some reason it tries to seek back to the beginning of the data
(which the curl plugin does not support for obvious reasons - you can't
seek backwards in an uncached live stream) but for some reason this is
enough to completely break the process and it gives up (freeing the
only xform that can do the job of performing playback.)

I'll see if I can have a look at fixing this, but in the meantime, do
you think you can have a go at compiling the git version of XMMS2?  Any
potential fixes will be to the git version rather than 0.8.  The
process will be much the same as you've already done, you'll just be
running a "git clone ..." for the xmms2-devel repository instead of
whatever method you used before to obtain the source code.


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