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Post Event Report
Dated, Guwahati, 11th March 2018
Venue: Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture, 
Uzan Bazar, Guwahati, Assam, India-781001
In commemoration of Anniversary of 
Krishak Bandhu eMagazine

About the Seminar :

In these days of shattered home economy, unemployment, nutritional insecurity 
and polluted environment our homesteads can give advantageous solution to these 
problems looming large on our farming communities turning it to a ‘Home, Sweet 
Home’. Homestead has been a practice in Assam since long time since its 
adoption patronized by the legendary Momai Tamuli Barbarua, the great friend of 
farmers. Now is the time to boost it up with modern up-to-date technology and 
skills for the benefit of farmers and farming in Assam. This is the basic 
objective behind holding this National event is Promotion of a Sustainable 
Homestead Concept in Assam and Northeast India. 

The Nationat Event is started with “Banti Prajwalan” by Dr D. N. Chakravarty, 
Formerly Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, AAU, Jorhat & President, Seminar 
Organising Committee with Shree Hemraj Rava, son of Late legendary Bishnu 
Prasad Rava and other dignataries in the dias. The National Seminar is 
gracefully inaugurated by Dr Moniruddin Ahmed, Formerly Professor, Assam 
Agricultural University and Scientist, NEDFi, Guwahati, Assam.

The deliberations of the National Seminar have been focussed on the following 
themes and delivered by the eminent Resource Persons as under :

1) Scope of Employment Generation of Farm-family Members in a Homestead
-By: Dr R. A. Ram, Principal Scientist, ICAR-Central Institute of Subtropical 
Horticulture, Rehmankhera, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh & Winner of Hindu Ratna Award;

      2) Eco-aesthetic Management of a Homestead for a Healthy Living Condition
-By: Dr Nalin Mohan, Formerly Professor, Assam Agricultural University, 
Jorhat-13, Assam;

      3) Sustainable Home Economics for Farm-families and Farming Systems,
-By: Dr (Mrs) Nivedita Deka Professor, Deptt of Agricultural Economics & Farm 
Management, Jorhat-13, Assam; &

       4) Feasibility of Producing Non-conventional Meat Sources in Homestead 
and its Nutritive Value
-By: Dr Anjan Jyoti Nath, Assistant Professor, Lakhimpur College of Veterinary 
Science (AAU), North Lakhimpur, Assam.

The National Seminar is chaired efficiently by Dr Paran Baruah, Formerly Chief 
Scientist, CSIR-North Eastern Institute of Science and Technology (RRL), 
Jorhat, Assam; and he is helped by Dr Anuj Baruah, Technocrat & Partner Leader, 
Krishi Jigyas. In the seminar, there are 60 participants including farmers, 
entrepreneurs, scientists and academicians. 
On the occasion of the anniversary of the eMagazine, the Print Annual Version 
of the magazine “Krishak Bandhu” has been gracefully inaugurated by Dr (Mrs) 
Aruna T. Kumar, Chief Editor, ICAR Publications, Pusa, New Delhi.
Main Decisions Made :
        The following decisions are made as outcome of the Seminar after a long 
brain-storming session as finalized by the Chair-person Dr Paran Baruah :
1) To encourage Sustainable Homestead Gardening in a scientific way by all 
2) To develop an ideal Homestead for rural tourism sector.

Way Forward & Agenda : 

1) Government should support for capacity building to enhance productivity in 
homesteads and scale-up home gardening activities for a self-sufficient home 
economy, ensuring optimum employment of family members, replenishment of 
nutritional nourishment and maintaining an eco-aesthetic environment for family 
wellness; &
2) A well-designed course on Homestead Management may be initiated in the Assam 
Agricultural University as well as the Central Agricultural University.

Photos of the Event :

~ Manik CS Bordoloi,
Editor-in- Chief, Krishak Bandhu & 
Convenor, Organising Committee for National Seminar on Homestead Management,
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