I'm pleased to announce the 18.1.0 release of xf86-video-ati, the Xorg
driver for ATI/AMD Radeon GPUs supported by the radeon kernel driver.
This release supports xserver versions 1.13-1.20.


* Fixed random screen corruption and crashes when using GLAMOR with Xorg
* Support for leasing RandR outputs to clients.
* Various robustness fixes for TearFree. In particular, fixed several
  cases in which disabling TearFree at runtime would result in the Xorg
  process freezing or crashing.
* Fixed some m4 related build issues with older versions of autotools.

Plus other improvements and fixes. Thanks to everybody who contributed
to this release in any way!

Emil Velikov (1):
      Do not export the DriverRec RADEON

Jammy Zhou (1):
      Remove throttling from radeon_dri2_copy_region2

Jim Qu (1):
      Wait for pending scanout update before calling drmmode_crtc_scanout_free

Keith Packard (3):
      modesetting: Record non-desktop kernel property at PreInit time
      modesetting: Create CONNECTOR_ID properties for outputs [v2]
      Add RandR leases support

Michel Dänzer (55):
      Bail from dri2_create_buffer2 if we can't get a pixmap
      glamor: Bail CreatePixmap on unsupported pixmap depth
      Drop unused drmmode_create_bo_pixmap surface parameter
      EXA: Remove old RADEONEXACreatePixmap hook
      Only initialize libdrm_radeon surface manager for >= R600
      glamor: Don't store radeon_surfaces in pixmaps
      Factor out radeon_surface_initialize helper
      Move flush from radeon_scanout_do_update to its callers
      Refactor radeon_finish helper
      Add struct radeon_buffer
      glamor: Use GBM for BO allocation when possible
      Swap pixmap privates in radeon_dri2_exchange_buffers
      Ignore RADEON_DRM_QUEUE_ERROR (0) in radeon_drm_abort_entry
      Track DRM event queue sequence number in scanout_update_pending
      Abort scanout_update_pending event when possible
      Update RandR CRTC state if set_mode_major fails in set_desired_modes
      Simplify drmmode_crtc_scanout_update
      Don't call scanout_flip/update with a legacy RandR scanout buffer
      Simplify drmmode_handle_transform
      Set drmmode_crtc->scanout_id = 0 when TearFree is disabled
      Refactor drmmode_output_set_tear_free helper
      Wait for pending flips in drmmode_output_set_tear_free
      Replace 'foo == NULL' with '!foo'
      Call drmmode_do_crtc_dpms from drmmode_crtc_dpms as well
      Use drmmode_crtc_dpms in drmmode_set_desired_modes
      Check dimensions passed to drmmode_xf86crtc_resize
      Remove #if 0'd code
      Call drmmode_crtc_gamma_do_set from drmmode_setup_colormap
      glamor: Fix glamor_block_handler argument in radeon_glamor_finish
      glamor: Invalidate cached GEM handle in radeon_set_pixmap_bo
      Don't allocate drmmode_output->props twice
      Hardcode "non-desktop" RandR property name
      Remove drmmode_terminate_leases
      Use strcpy for RandR output property names
      Bump version to 18.0.99
      glamor: Use glamor_egl_create_textured_pixmap_from_gbm_bo when possible
      glamor: Set RADEON_CREATE_PIXMAP_DRI2 for DRI3 pixmaps
      Store FB for each CRTC in drmmode_flipdata_rec
      Use correct FB handle in radeon_do_pageflip
      Move DRM event queue related initialization to radeon_drm_queue_init
      Add radeon_drm_wait_pending_flip function
      Add radeon_drm_handle_event wrapper for drmHandleEvent
      Defer vblank event handling while waiting for a pending flip
      Remove drmmode_crtc_private_rec::present_vblank_* related code
      Add m4 directory
      EXA: Handle NULL BO pointer in radeon_set_pixmap_bo
      Handle ihandle == -1 in radeon_set_shared_pixmap_backing
      EXA: Handle ihandle == -1 in RADEONEXASharePixmapBacking
      glamor: Handle ihandle == -1 in radeon_glamor_set_shared_pixmap_backing
      Always delete entry from list in drm_queue_handler
      Don't use xorg_list_for_each_entry_safe for signalled flips
      Bail early from drm_wait_pending_flip if there's no pending flip
      Fix uninitialized use of local variable pitch in radeon_setup_kernel_mem
      Bump version for 18.1.0 release

git tag: xf86-video-ati-18.1.0

MD5:  7910883fff7f4a462efac0fe059ed7e3  xf86-video-ati-18.1.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 87beb7d09f5b722570adda9a5a1822cbd19e7059  xf86-video-ati-18.1.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: 6c335f423c1dc3d904550d41cb871ca4130ba7037dda67d82e3f1555e1bfb9ac  

MD5:  1c87fc7777e3ebf10a0704a01433bfbf  xf86-video-ati-18.1.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 055c462d858f2f77f015b829c3cdc6d8ae3dda3d  xf86-video-ati-18.1.0.tar.gz
SHA256: e029878dc3528dc5115ae20387b1d1e3ba8b4fd13012ff998d2ff1ec48d3cf64  

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