This release fixes 6 recently reported security vulnerabilities in
various extensions. The CVE numbers are:
CVE-2022-46340, CVE-2022-46341, CVE-2022-46342, CVE-2022-46343,
CVE-2022-46344, and CVE-2022-4283

For details on the these issues please see the security advisory here:

Peter Hutterer (8):
      Xtest: disallow GenericEvents in XTestSwapFakeInput
      Xi: disallow passive grabs with a detail > 255
      Xext: free the XvRTVideoNotify when turning off from the same client
      Xext: free the screen saver resource when replacing it
      Xi: return an error from XI property changes if verification failed
      Xi: avoid integer truncation in length check of ProcXIChangeProperty
      xkb: reset the radio_groups pointer to NULL after freeing it
      Bump to version 22.1.6

git tag: xwayland-22.1.6
SHA256: 9e4243f03d00fd12435aee39db4ce1071fc4786ffc52547e8a07a65ab55b0e7c  

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