This release contains the fix for CVE-2023-1393 in today's security

Adam Jackson (1):
      present: Send a PresentConfigureNotify event for destroyed windows

Benno Schulenberg (1):
      xkbUtils: use existing symbol names instead of deleted deprecated ones

Corentin Noël (1):
      glamor: Only check for llvmpipe renderer

Doğukan Korkmaztürk (2):
      xwayland/glx: Mirror all EGLConfigs
      GLX: Free the tag of the old context later

Ivan A. Melnikov (1):
      glamor: Don't initialize on softpipe

Joshua Ashton (2):
      xwayland: Don't expose XRandR emulated modes for leaseable displays
      glamor: Don't glFlush/ctx switch unless any work has been performed

Lucas Stach (2):
      xwayland: handle fd export failure in glamor_egl_fds_from_pixmap
      xwayland: properly get FDs from multiplanar GBM BOs

Minh Phan (3):
      randr: introduce rrCrtcGetInfo DDX function
      xwayland/output: properly return the current emulated mode when queried
      xwayland/window: Do not double add window to damage list

Olivier Fourdan (4):
      dix: Clear device sprite after free in AttachDevice()
      test: Use either wayland-info or weston-info
      composite: Fix use-after-free of the COW
      Bump version to 22.1.9

git tag: xwayland-22.1.9
SHA256: 81310efe1f29694bdf6f586e54f9321358c42c7df696108fb1da12ce212d3f78  

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