libXfont2's _xfont2_client_funcs struct has a get_time_in_millis entry that is 
declared as 'uint32_t (*get_time_in_millis)(void);'

xserver tries to use GetTimeInMillis for this, but it is declared as 'CARD32 
GetTimeInMillis(void)'.  The issue is that CARD32 is actually 'unsigned long' 
on i386, so the compiler complains about the possible mismatch (even though int 
and long are the same in such a configuration).

dixfonts.c:2028:27: warning: incompatible pointer types initializing 'uint32_t 
(*)(void)' (aka 'unsigned int (*)(void)') with an expression of type 'CARD32 
      (aka 'unsigned long (void)') [-Wincompatible-pointer-types,Semantic Issue]
    .get_time_in_millis = GetTimeInMillis,
1 warning generated.

I'd really like to see us use stdint.h in Xmd.h.  Are there any arguments 
against doing such a change?

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