On Wed, 2016-07-27 at 12:42:43 +0000, Alive 4ever wrote:
> Add HAVE_BSD_UNISTD_H and HAVE_BSD_STDLIB_H definition to include
> 'bsd/unistd.h' and 'bsd/stdlib.h' headers.
> This fixes gcc 6.1.1 and clang 3.8.0 implicit function declaration error
> (setproctitle and arc4random) on Linux system with 'libbsd' headers under
> 'bsd' include directory.

Alternatively you could use the libbsd-overlay pkg-config support,
which will make the usage transparent and require no additional
includes. I'm not sure what's the stance from the list on this,

Personally I consider it the nicer way to integrate libbsd support,
as it makes porting less intrusive.

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