On 2016年11月15日 02:32, Eric Anholt wrote:
Mark yao <mark....@rock-chips.com> writes:

Hi Eric

We found some display problem when rotate the screen.

You can see the abnormal display picture on attachment.

Bug reproduce step:
1, run lubuntu session.
2, rotate screen: xrandr --output eDP-1 --rotate right
3, run lxterminal, enter some message, move the lxterminal, then you
can find font become abnormal.

We try that:
1, disable glamor, looks good, no problem.
2, use screenshot to catch abnormal display, the screenshot picture is
normal, no problem.
3, use x86 desktop pc(OpenGL), run same display with glamor, no

Our testing environment:
rk3399 board:
CPU: arm64
GPU: mali t86x(mali ddk r9p0, EGL 1.4, opengles 2.x)

Eric, seem this problem only happen on EGL context, do you see this
problem before? I don't know how to debug for it,
Can you help us to analysis it?
glamor has never worked correctly on GLES2 that I know of.  Have you run
the X Test suite on the X Server master branch against your stack to
validate it?  The texture transfers were broken, in my experience, and
would need wrappers to format-convert inside of X.

With proper open source drivers we get desktop GL, so nobody else has
been working on GLES support.
Sadly hear this, I found gles is support on glamor source code, how does the gles develop?

With some hack, Currently Now glamor works mostly fine on our boards, so we want to use glamor on our project, but we have few experience about it, about the rotate bug, maybe something wrong on the texture transfers, but we don't know to debug it, can you give some guide about it.

Thanks very much.
-- Mark Yao

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