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Owen Taylor <otay...@fishsoup.net> wrote:

> Hi Pekka,
> I don't have a lot of of commentary to add here. Certainly getting the
> frame-sync protocols right does require integration between Xwayland and
> the compositing manager. I don't think there's that much virtue in spending
> time on the extended version of the sync protocol and
> _NET_WM_FRAME_TIMINGS, because, to my knowledge, those are implemented only
> by GTK+ 3, and most GTK+ 3 apps will be running as native Wayland apps. On
> the other hand, gtk2 and qt4 X clients will be around to exercise the basic
> version of the protocol for the forseeable future.

Hi Owen,

that's valuable, saves me the effort of designing for and maybe
implementing the extended version. :-)

I'm kind of curious though why no other toolkit saw the benefit of the
extended sync protocol.


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