Giuseppe Bilotta <> writes:

> I'm not sure I follow.

Imagine if MapWindow blocked until the window was actually mapped by the
Window Manager.

> (Or their descendants). But aside from the restriction on which window
> can be in the AutoList, my question was more along the lines of which
> clients should be allowed to specify an AutoList at all, and if the
> AutoList make senses at all outside of the Present requests from the
> Compositing Manager.

Yeah, I think we can probably restrict the Auto List to descendants of a
window for which the requesting client has RedirectSubwindows Manual

>> I've a whole separate set of plans for making X more secure; I hope to
>> start writing those up in a few months.
> Looking forward to give it a read.

Thanks. That's some encouragement to actually get started on this; it'll
be a while, I'd like to get started coding up the Auto List bits.


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