On Tue, 2018-04-03 at 12:16 +0200, Thierry Reding wrote:

> Yeah, looking more closely at the automake file it has XORG guards
> around all of the SDK headers. There's also some inconsistencies there
> with regards to which files are included depending on other extensions
> being enabled. For example, xvdix.h and xvmcext.h are unconditionally
> installed, even if Xv is not enabled. That doesn't make much sense to
> me, but maybe it is something that we should keep around for the Meson
> build? Or do we want to "clean" this up while at it and only distribute
> the SDK headers that really make sense?

The SDK shouldn't install anything conditionally if it's being
installed at all, it's a description of every interface the server
might have (as well as xorg-server.h to say exactly which sets you can
expect on the runtime you're building against). Granted it _does_
install many things conditionally, but I think that's an error.

- ajax
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