I have for a time now been working on a composing window manager to try
out a few new UX ideas, and I thought some of you might be interested as
well as hopefully having some feedback on the feature set as well as the


Some of the features:

* Windows are glued to an infinite desktop to some coordinates and size
* Window pixel resolution is independent of their size on the desktop
* The user can zoom / pan to any view of the desktop

* There are shortcut commands to zoom to a window, and to make a window
have a 1:1 resolution to the screen
* Window placement is stored between sessions
  * Windows that are closed leave a ghost window in their place that can
be moved, resized and deleted.
  * When a window with the same name reappears, it takes the place of
the ghost window if it still exists.
  * Ghost windows are stored in a file between sessions.
* Window content / application state is stored between sessions for
supported clients
  * Applications supporting the XSM protocol can be closed and saved and
later restored by clicking on their ghost windows, in the same session
or another.

* Infinitely zoomable SVG for buttons etc
  * A window can display an SVG image instead of content, and the SVG
will render to the current screen resolution, no matter the zoom level.

The implementation consists of a minimalistic OpenGL based renderer
written in pure C, and interaction components written in Python.

Best regards,

RedHog (Egil Moeller)

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