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I'm sorry, but you're just getting lucky with radeonsi. With Firefox, maybe the
tearing could only occur in the title bar / toolbar area.

If you can't find a satisfactory compositor setup, try TearFree. Those are your
options for avoiding tearing with any reliability.

> Would it be an option to suggest that amdvlk/radv explicitly make use of
> page flipping instead?

They can't do that. They can only not explicitly prevent page flipping, but
radv already doesn't do that AFAIK. It can only make a difference in fullscreen

Another possible reason that Vulkan might work less well is if the Vulkan
drivers use MSC targets which have already passed, and/or use the
PresentOptionAsync flag for PresentPixmap requests. That would have to be
addressed in the Vulkan drivers or possibly the applications themselves; the
Xorg driver is just doing what it's asked.

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