also sprach martin f krafft <> [2016-09-21 13:07 +0200]:
> The more I am fiddling with this, the more I am suspecting the
> Awesome window manager to be at fault. At least my switch to Git
> master could well coincide with the start of these problems.
> Moreover, if I kill awesome, then the mouse behaves just fine. If
> I then restart awesome, the delay quickly grows in length.

I really appreciated your guys' help, and now I feel bad for using
up your time — the problem is indeed with the Awesome window

Sorry for the noise…

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"i like .net for the same reason i like gentoo. it keeps all the
 people with no clue from writing c code, which is much harder for me
 to identify and eliminate from my systems. in the same way that
 gentoo gives those people a place to be that isn't in debian"
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