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I am using the tiling window manager xmonad [1] and two physical
monitors with different size. In xmonad you have 9 workspaces by default
and it allows you to have two of the workspaces to be seen at the the
physical monitors. For doing a presentaion with a projector it would be
beneficial to have one workspace to be shown at both physical monitors
so you can see what the audience is seeing. Currently xmonad does not
support this.

So theoretically I could use the xrandr tool to achieve that. I was able
to get it working and it worked quit well. However I want this cloning
behavior to be triggered by xmonad itself. Theoretically xmoand could
dynamically apply xrandr commands and temporally move these CRTC things
around the screen. However this does not seem to be a desirable
approach. [2]

I came this fare to find out that xmoand uses XMoveResizeWindow() to
place the window on the screen. However with XMoveResizeWindow() you can
only provide one coordinate for the position at a time. So I would need
something where I can submit a list of x and y's and the window gets
cloned at the various places. Unfortunately I have not found anything
like that.

So my question is: What would be the correct approach for my
undertaking? What features are appropriate for this and do they actually
exist? (And does it make sense?)

thanks for any help,

[1] https://github.com/xmonad/xmonad
[2] I think xmonad should not manipulate what was configured by xrandr.
One good reason for that appears to me that with xrandr you tell X how
your pyhiscal devices are located on you desk. And then it is intuitive
how you mouse appears and dissapears while you move around. Also your
windows can float around between multiple monitors and different parts
of the window appearing on diffrent monitors don't get shuffeled around.
When the CRTC things get moved around the courser might get cloned as
well as well as the floating windows. I would not consider this correct
behavior for xmonad.
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