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 Immi> Hi,
 Immi> the Next branch doesn't work with filenames containing spaces. For 

   xournal "ab cd.xoj"

 Immi> tries to open a file called "ab".

can you check if you have an alias for xournal? both the cl-options
branch and the next branch work for me.

also, try it with single quotes (it should make no difference, though).

   xournal 'ab cd.xoj'


 Immi> I tried to find out why this happens, but it looks a bit as if it's a 
 Immi> problem with g_option_context_parse(); I don't know why it behaves like 
 Immi> this.

 Immi> I guess one solution could be to remove the G_OPTION_REMAINING part from 
 Immi> entries[] and instead read out the file name manually from argv.

 Immi> Best,

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