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On 12/03/2014 09:10 PM, Niklas Hauser wrote:
> Unless you have some experience with stuff like that, it will probably
> be pretty hard to add support for the F100 right now, sorry.

Yes, unfortunately it will not be super easy to add support for the
stm32f1, but if you have some experience programming mircocontrollers
and some time at hand it can certainly be done. It just isn't as easy as
only adding a new device file.

> > Can you provide me with some help to add support for the STM32F100
> family?
> Here is a dump of all the newest device files that the DFG can generate:
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/mocxy5jbrth68ad/xml.zip
> You can simply unzip this folder and replace the
> `xpcc/src/architecture/platform/xml` folder with it.
> The device file that fits the STM32F100RBT6B is probably the
> stm32f100_101_102_103-c_r_t-4_6.xml.
> But without the proper linker- and startup script, there is no point
> in the device file, sorry to disappoint…

Actually we used to have support for the stm32f1 about two years ago. It
was just removed during our cleanup, because we neither had the manpower
nor the right hardware to test it. The old code is still available in
our master branch. While I would not recommend using it, it can serve as
a reference on how to add support for stm32f1 on the develop branch.

You can e.g. find the old startup code here:

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