Hi there,

I’ve rewritten the STM32 linkerscripts to make use of the Core-Coupled Memory 
whenever possible.
To place static variables into the CCM use `ATTRIBUTE_FASTDATA`.
Similarly you can move functions into CCM by using `ATTRIBUTE_FASTCODE`, but be 
aware that this is only supported on the STM32F3.
On all other devices both attributes revert back to the normal SRAM, which 
might still be faster than flash or fetch with less jitter.
For a detailed description see this merge commit [1].

Two new discovery boards are now supported:

- STM32VL discovery (STM32F100), and
- STM32F429 discovery.

See the amazing blinking LEDs in the examples folder.
Fortunately the peripheral IPs were very similar or identical to the one we 
already implemented, so they should work without much trouble.

There ist also theoretical support for the STM32F7 discovery, however I cannot 
get OpenOCD to flash my STM32F7 discovery, so it still has to be proven.
The STM32F401 Nucleo has also seen some blinking LEDs and functioning UART, but 
is not yet available in the examples.


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